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01015885641 200ug-Anti-Retinol Binding Protein 3, Interstitial (RBP3)-polyclonal Antibody Info Cloud Clone Corp PAA367Mu02-200ug 200ug Ask Ask
01015904358 Etiketten - Voor naaldprinters / DAT-137-502-10 Info Brady Benelux NL DAT-137-502-10 1X10000Label(s) Ask Ask
01016792653 DPP8 Polyclonal Antibody Info SAB SAB-42659 100ul Ask Ask
01016864165 Zinc a-gluco heptonate 99% Info Pfaltz & Bauer Z00600-100 G 100 G Ask Ask
01016888364 PANX1(pannexin 1)rabbit.Polyclonal Antibody -100ul Info BT-Laboratory BT-AP04030-100 100ul Ask Ask
01012144013 CASR Antibody - Biotin Conjugated Info aviva OACA00237 one vial Ask Ask
01017433465 Ras-GRF1 (phospho Ser916) Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody 100ul Info ELK Biotech ES4393-100ul 100ul Ask Ask
01016984190 Sorbitol Info Apexbio B2029-S Evaluation Sample Ask Ask
01018341415 Guanidine thiocyanate Info Glentham LS GE1694-250G 4X250 g Ask Ask
01014830640 CHAD Polyclonal Antibody Info EpiGentek A58550-100 100 µg Ask Ask
01018605366 Human MACRO domain-containing protein 2,MACROD2 ELISA kit Info BT-Laboratory E5621Hu-96T 96 wells Ask Ask
01018646911 TPST2 Antibody (C-term) Info Leading Biology APR05037G 100 μl Ask Ask
02016968270 Transcription factor E2-alpha (TCF3), Mouse, ELISA Kit Info Glorybioscience GBS-H7216 1 kit (96 wells plate) Ask Ask
01018415375 Mouse Lipase maturation factor 1, Lmf1 ELISA KIT Info Lifescience Market ELI-47935m 96 Tests Ask Ask
01011390265 Mouse Cardiolipin synthase (CRLS1) ELISA Kit Info abebio AE48920MO-96 1x plate of 96 wells Ask Ask
01010085516 Histone H1 antibody Info genways GWB-Q01130 1 vial Ask Ask
01010294003 Mouse Stomach Cytoskeletal Protein Info Zyagen MT-302-CSK 0.1mg 435.87 Ask
01017342103 Cmc1 3'UTR Lenti-reporter-Luc Virus Info ABM microrna MV-r02513 3 ml Ask Ask
01014388154 3-Bromobenzamidine hydrochloride Info Molekula 63-90021093 5 g Ask Ask
01011441750 Myc Antibody Info NJS poly F47612-0.4ML 0.4 ml Ask Ask
01013642752 N-(1-Phenethyl-4-piperidyl)propionanilide hydrochloride Info SFC SFC-12856 1 EA Ask Ask
02014416874 Rabbit ST3GAL3 Polyclonal Antibody Info ABclonal A6753 100ul Ask Ask
03014415487 Rabbit GNB5 Polyclonal Antibody Info ABclonal A4447 200ul Ask Ask
03018769194 Fatty Acid Binding Protein-2, His Tag Protein (Recombinant) Info Abbexa abx260644 1 mg Ask Ask
01013713672 ERF (phospho Thr526) Polyclonal Antibody Info Abbkine ABP54169-30 0,03 ml Ask Ask
01011888339 anti-Bid Antibody Info proscience 3353 0.02 mg, 0.1 mg Ask Ask
01014518958 Steap1 Adenovirus (Mouse) Info abm Adinovirus 034872A 250ul Ask Ask
01015561577 ELISA Kit for Protein Kinase, cAMP Dependent Regulatory Type II Beta (PRKAR2b) Info Cloud Clone Corp SEM064Ra 1 Ask Ask
02015578384 Recombinant Fibulin 2 (FBLN2) Info Cloud Clone Corp RPD152Hu01 420 Ask Ask
02014551335 JAK3 Antibody (pTyr980+pTyr981): ATTO 700 Info StressMarq SPC-1001D-A700 100 µl Ask Ask
01015904389 Etiketten - Voor naaldprinters / DAT-185-292-1 Info Brady Benelux NL DAT-185-292-1 1X1000Label(s) Ask Ask
01016860794 Tetrachloroethylsulfenyl chloride Info Pfaltz & Bauer T02630-25 G 25 G Ask Ask
01016888320 OVOL1(ovo-like 1(Drosophila))rabbit.Polyclonal Antibody -100ul Info BT-Laboratory BT-AP03986-100 100ul Ask Ask
01017058591 Human GZMK (Granzyme K) CLIA Kit Info Elabscience E-CL-H0332-96T 96Test Ask Ask
01017452995 Human TGFbR1(Transforming Growth Factor Beta Receptor I) ELISA Kit Info ELK Biotech ELK1441 96T Ask Ask
02016968295 Transcription factor E4F1 (E4F1), Human, ELISA Kit Info Glorybioscience GBS-H7241 1 kit (96 wells plate) Ask Ask
01018762966 Human Protein S100-A8 ELISA Kit Info Abbexa abx251253 96 tests Ask Ask
01019400088 pCMV-ITGA2B-T2A-ITGB3 Info Lifescience Market PVT20479 Gentaur supplies 2ug of lyophilized CMV-ITGA2B-T2A-ITGB3 Plasmid in powder form at 4°C to be centrifuged at 5000rpm/min for 1min. Add 20μl ddH2O in to the vial of the pCMV-ITGA2B-T2A-ITGB3 plasmid. Ask Ask
01019675749 Chicken Total Protein(TP)ELISA Kit Info YL Biotech YLA0183CH-48T 48-wells plate 576.88 Ask
01011262825 GPR171 Antibody Info Bioss Primary Unconjugated Antibodies bs-6564R 0.1ml Ask Ask
02014416689 Rabbit CIRBP Polyclonal Antibody Info ABclonal A6559 100ul Ask Ask
02014420465 Rabbit CKAP4 Polyclonal Antibody Info ABclonal A4468 200ul Ask Ask
02018770881 Stem Cell Factor, Sf9 Protein (Recombinant) Info Abbexa abx262333 10 µg Ask Ask
01013713616 RDM1 Polyclonal Antibody Info Abbkine ABP54113-30 0,03 ml Ask Ask
01012551259 Goat anti-human Factor XII (F.XII), Peroxidase conjugated IgG Info MBS Polyclonals MBS512072 200ug Ask Ask
01014455080 Assay kit for human CATR tumorigenic conversion 1 protein (ELISA) Info BlueGen ELISAs E01C1398 - 48T 1x48-wells test plate Ask Ask
01014535797 Human Neuregulin 1,NRG-1 ELISA kit Info YeHua YHB2123Hu-48 48-wells plate Ask Ask
01014587610 Assay kit for Sialic acid (ELISA) Info BlueGen ELISAs E02S0227 -96T 1x96-wells test plate Ask Ask
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