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01018888573 CHST14 Antibody Info EnoGene E19-9331-2-FITC 100ug/100ul Ask Ask
01012640474 Prucalopride Hydroxy Impurity Info trca P838955 1 mg Ask Ask
01018417981 GLP-2 ELISA Kit| Mouse Glucagon Like Peptide 2 ELISA Kit Info Lifescience Market EF013645 96 Tests 738.54 Ask
01017157305 Gh1 3'UTR Luciferase Stable Cell Line Info ABM microrna TU205077 1 ml Ask Ask
01010961549 GADD153/DDIT3 Antibody, Biotin Conjugated Info Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies bs-1361R-Biotin 0.1ml Ask Ask
01015937108 SLANG, 13CM X 3M, 4/ZAK Info Brady Benelux NL UN510 1X4Stuk(s) Ask Ask
02021934600 Mouse hIST1 antibody Info fitzgerald 10R-10336 100 ug Ask Ask
01018700065 Mouse Neurofibromin 2 Protein (Recombinant) Info Abbexa abx068242 50 μg Ask Ask
01015947595 Deoxycholic acid Info MedChemExpress HY-N0593 2X100mg Ask Ask
01018239391 Rabbit Total β Amyloid Protein ELISA kit Info BlueGen ELISAs E04A0039-192T 192 tests 1361.31 Ask
01011935423 HP1BP3 Blocking Peptide Info fitzgerald 33R-7796 100 µg Ask Ask
01012537444 PAb (IgG) to Human HSPD1 / HSP60 Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals MBS244750 0.25 ml Ask Ask
01021834182 anti-G-P-R Antibody, 10 mg Info acr CCP1246-10mg 10 mg Ask Ask
01015937209 CANSORB, compressed Info Brady Benelux NL CS-CB18 2X1Stuk(s) Ask Ask
02021919012 Mouse CDC42 antibody Info fitzgerald 10R-10301 100 ug Ask Ask
01018199337 ATP2B4 Antibody, FITC conjugated Info Cusabio CSB-PA23389C0Rb-50ug 50ug Ask Ask
10035220036 Recombinant Streptococcus pyogenes serotype M3 Holo-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase (acpS) Info MyBioSource MBS1255826 1 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01019473302 SDC25 Antibody Info Cusabio GEN-PA411390XA01STA 10mg antibodies purified by Protein A/G Ask Ask
01012640514 Zafirlukast Impurity G Info trca Z125030 1 mg Ask Ask
01014266224 AdmiRa-rno-mir-344a-1 Virus Info ABM microrna mr0199 250 ul Ask Ask
02018669649 VE-Cadherin (pT731) Antibody Info Abbexa abx012162 200 μg Ask Ask
01010588427 Anti- LONP1 Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2518097 0.06 ml Ask Ask
01018198996 HIST1H3A (Ab-122) Antibody Info Cusabio CSB-PA010418OA122nacHU-50ul 50ul Ask Ask
02018297988 MYL3 Antibody Info Affinity Biosciences DF4717 200µL Ask Ask
01018650453 GSC Antibody (monoclonal) (M01) Info Leading Biology AMM03594G 100 μg Ask Ask
01018418029 HSP-60 ELISA Kit| Mouse Heat Shock Protein 60 ELISA Kit Info Lifescience Market EF013693 96 Tests 738.54 Ask
01013925160 Human KIAA1199 CRISPR Knock Out 293 Cell Line Info ABM CrispR K1138752 1x10^6 cells/1.0ml Ask Ask
01014328324 alpha Lactalbumin Antibody Info Elabscience E-AB-22042-60 0.06 ml Ask Ask
01012578703 Mouse Monoclonal (IgM) to Human GBX2 Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN249103 200ul Ask Ask
01015937169 SPILL TRUCK, Maintenance, 620 liters Info Brady Benelux NL SKA-XLT 1X1Kit Ask Ask
02018298035 PIK3CG Antibody Info Affinity Biosciences DF4764 100µL Ask Ask
10015981404 Recombinant Cupriavidus pinatubonensis Anhydro-N-acetylmuramic acid kinase (anmK) Info MyBioSource MBS1332680 1 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01018418048 IL-15 ELISA Kit| Mouse Interleukin 15 ELISA Kit Info Lifescience Market EF013712 96 Tests 738.54 Ask
01013925108 Human KIAA1109 CRISPR Knock Out HeLa Cell Line Info ABM CrispR K1138154 1x10^6 cells/1.0ml Ask Ask
01014266104 AdmiRa-rno-mir-184 Virus Info ABM microrna mr0079 250 ul Ask Ask
01012578720 Mouse Monoclonal [clone 2B9] (IgG2a,k) to Human ZIC4 Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN249120 50ug Ask Ask
01011935261 HNRPL Blocking Peptide Info fitzgerald 33R-1021 100 µg Ask Ask
02021964010 Mouse TIM antibody Info fitzgerald 10R-10306 100 ug Ask Ask
01017654784 Membrane Protein, Palmitoylated 5 (MPP5) Polyclonal Antibody (Human, Mouse) Info Cloud Clone Corp PAA744Hu01-100ul 100ul Ask Ask
02018297995 SUV39H2 Antibody Info Affinity Biosciences DF4724 100µL Ask Ask
01025336181 Fibronectin Adhesion-Promoting Peptide Info MyBioSource MBS405931 1 mg Ask Ask
02025352568 Human Klotho (KL) ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS450940 96-Strip-Wells Ask Ask
01019473517 YHR193C-A Antibody Info Cusabio GEN-PA128157XA01SVG 10mg antibodies purified by Protein A/G Ask Ask
01010439905 ZFYVE28 antibody Info genways GWB-MR990I 1 vial Ask Ask
01017157140 Gak 3'UTR Luciferase Stable Cell Line Info ABM microrna TU204912 1 ml Ask Ask
01011293011 MKLN1 Antibody, Cy7 Conjugated Info Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies bs-13655R-Cy7 0.1ml Ask Ask
01021834176 anti-Gonadorelin Acetate Antibody, 10 mg Info acr CCP1244-10mg 10 mg Ask Ask
01025642926 Rabbit Anti Human,Rat HAUS4 Antibody-Non-conjugated Info Cusabio CSB-PA867157ESR2HU_50ul 50ul Ask Ask
01017654820 Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor (LIFR) Polyclonal Antibody (Rat) Info Cloud Clone Corp PAA561Ra02-100ul 100ul Ask Ask
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